Pro Boxer Management

We manage pro boxer careers by putting wins on your record and giving you title shots. We help pro boxers get fights and earn their fairly-deserved purse money.

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Boxing Promotions

We have a track record of hosting the most exciting boxing events that attract thousands of fans and viewers.

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Boxing Gear and Clothing

We offer an exciting range of customized boxing gear to include custom-made gloves, hoodies, shirts, headgear, jackets, and more.

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KO Warrior Leading 21st Century Boxing

KO Warrior started from the grassroots to become a full-service pro boxing management and promotion company. We offer promotions and management that is a cut above the rest and our audiences and attendance are a testament to what we do. Our boxers have a record of getting wins, going undefeated, and winning championship titles, only with KO Warrior Promotions.

We believe in honesty and do not rig fights or collude with 3rd parties. KO Warrior boxing is dedicated to loyalty, discipline, respect, and hard work. These are essential to be a member of KO Warrior.

We have managed champions and boxers from all four corners of the globe and contended for titles in WBC, IBF, PBF, WBBU, and more to come. Our sponsors benefit greatly from the exposure we give them through the sweet science of boxing.

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Are you an amateur and ready to go pro? Need a career change or new management? Looking to promote your brand/service with our team?

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