Join the KO Warrior Pushup Challenge to Stop GAB Corruption

KO Warrior has provided a surmountable amount of evidence and concrete proof to show that we are victims of a tyrannical, scamming, criminal maniac who is International Secretary on the Board of Governors of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and scammer chairman of the Philippines Games and Amusements Board, Baham Mitra (#BahamMitra).

Before scamming and attacking KO Warrior Promotions for over $2,000,000 USD in damages, this same guy was found guilty of scamming farmers for money and rice when he was a governor of Palawan Island, Philippines.

KO Warrior Pushup Challenge

Initially starting out as a fun way to join another pushup challenge to support combat veteran suicide, we decided to add our cause to the challenge because we never deserved to be a victim of a government sports tyrant just because we love pro boxing.

Only in the Philippines does there exist a leader in sports who thinks he has the right to ostracize, blacklist, and destroy others in sports while supporting others who directly benefits him. KO Warrior is a serious victim of GAB corruption and the only excuse these cowards have is to tell victims to “prove it!” and deny all allegations made against them.

I do not understand how someone like Baham Mitra (#BahamMitra) can receive so much praise from people in the Philippines and there are no boxing events on schedule in the Philippines. In addition to no schedule, Mitra is allowed to continue blacklisting promoters he doesn’t have a corrupt money relationship with and only allow boxing promotions from his same old crew of promoters who all benefitted and profited from the Mitra Article 13 Scam on KO Warrior.

If Filipinos ever want to see pro boxing go back to normal where everything was sort of ok? You should join the KO Warrior Pushup Challenge to protest the corrupt cheater Baham Mitra (#BahamMitra) of the Philippines Games and Amusements Board and support KO Warrior Promotions.