What services do you offer?

We provide the most exciting pro boxing promotions showcasing the best talent in pro boxing from all regions of the globe. We also provide pro boxing management and retail gear sales on our online platforms.

Can you sponsor our product/service in your next boxing promotion?

Yes, we are always looking for corporate, political, and private sponsors to support our mission to promote more exciting pro boxing events throughout the year.

Can you help manage my boxing career?

We do everything within our knowledge, resources, coaching, facilities, and power to take you as far as you can go in the sport of professional boxing.

Can I get a fight in your next promotion?

If you need a fight, cannot get sponsorship, you need to fight in a reputable boxing promotion that gives you a fair shot, contact us so we can arrange your next fight with KO Warrior Promotions.

Can you support me? Be my sponsor? Give me a free flight, free apartment, free equipment, etc?

No, we are not a charity and you must work to earn rewards. Boxers who have a sense of entitlement, show disloyalty and disrespect, poor discipline, low self-esteem, and lack of good moral character will not be tolerated.