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KO Warrior Promotions gives pro boxers the potential for rapid career advancement. Unlike other promotions, KO Warrior offers the unique advantage of allowing fighters to complete two fights in the same calendar month, expediting their progress up the ranks. This accelerated timeline enables boxers to gain invaluable experience, exposure, and confidence in quick succession, placing them in a stronger position to take on bigger challenges.

We offer promotions and management that are a cut above the rest and our audiences and attendance are a testament to what we do. Our boxers have a record of getting wins, going undefeated, and winning championship titles, only with KO Warrior Promotions. KO Warrior boxing is dedicated to loyalty, discipline, respect, and hard work.

We have managed champions and boxers from all four corners of the globe and contended for titles in WBC, IBF, PBF, WBBU, and more to come. Our sponsors benefit greatly from the exposure we give them through the sweet science of boxing.

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Are you an amateur and ready to go pro? Need a career change or new management? Looking to promote your brand/service with our team?

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