And…We’re Back!

One thing is very evident, in 2019 there have been certain people who work in professional boxing who have a sickminded-crab-poverty-mentality to destroy all work that has been accomplished by KO Warrior. This motivation to harm others in boxing is always derived from some opportunity to cheat, lie, steal, sabotage, or scam for personal gain or $$$ profit.

Thanks to all of you who have supported KO Warrior and throughout the years. Unfortunately, 2019 did not start out well for us and we were not as nearly as successful as 2018. We’ve made some adjustments, consolidated our team loyalty, and eliminated those who try to sabotage, cheat, and do harm. That’s the way life goes and there is a lot to learn from failure.

Some people also have the attitude and notion that the pro boxing industry is some kind of limited, tight-knit, restricted pie that cannot be shared with everyone. This is why you will hear some people saying this overused and ignorant phrase, “You don’t know boxing.” Ok, so can I learn? Can you teach me? What qualifies you to make such a statement to someone else?

It’s obvious that there are some people in pro boxing cliques and circles who don’t want KO Warrior getting a piece of the pie. They have the attitude that “it’s our pie and if we can’t have it, then KO Warrior can’t either”. This type of ass-backward primitive mentality is what contributes to the destruction of the sport and it is useless, stupid behavior. The last time I checked this is a global sport so why does this hoarding behavior even exist?

Their negative aura and influence spread down the chain from sanctioning body officials, judges, referees, promoters, managers, coaches, boxers, and even family members and people who support boxers as third parties. The ones who ultimately suffer are the boxers themselves because KO Warrior has given dozens of boxers the opportunity to fight when one did not exist before.

The weakness of these people lies in the cowardliness of their deeds whether it is:

  • Not paying boxers and blaming KO Warrior
  • Coercing or bribing sanctioning body officials
  • Stealing money
  • Doing contractual scams
  • Hustling newcomers/potential investors in boxing
  • Sabotaging other professionals in the industry
  • Cheating in fights
  • Offering fake fights with no contract to managers/boxers and then canceling or not replying to calls using the same old “no sponsorship”, “our sponsors backed out” tired excuse
  • Manipulating boxers through cash bribes and fight offers to spread lies and betray their manager or promoter
  • Coercing boxers to break contracts with managers and promoters
  • Coaches masquerading as managers and promoters
  • Being a gossiper and attention-hoarder on social media spreading lies about people in the boxing industry

They are also cowards because they hide. Whether it is online or using a sanctioning body official or lawyers to cover up for them, they must hide like cowards. You can stop hiding. We know who you are!

My friend Charles Russo, president of BMMAFU, who is also fighting hard to improve pro boxing, posted this quote, “People have to pretend you are a bad person so they do not feel guilty about the things they did to you.” This is all the haters can do with their time in 2019? That’s really sad because boxing has come a long way over the years, but there seems to be some evil, demonic force out there that wants to keep a lid on it and not let it thrive.

It is very hard to compound lie after lie after lie. It is scientifically proven that it takes more energy to be negative and it also takes more energy to scam and cheat than it does to do the right thing. It is not good for your health to keep doing so, but I guess for these people, money gain at all costs is more important. Someone needs to teach these people that you earn MORE money when you do it the right way.

Health takes a backseat which is why you see pro boxing being managed and promoted by quite a few people who are super ignorant on an educated/social/ political-capacity level, criminally-minded, disgustingly overweight, unhealthy, and do not represent an athletic boxing lifestyle. They instead prefer to create some fake image of wealth and success by trying their best to look like world-traveling tourists, wannabe madames, mafia imitators, 1920’s gangsters, or street thugs in a business suit.

A message to all of you who have done wicked and dirty deeds to KO Warrior: THANK YOU! is back and you’ve thrown everything at us and the kitchen sink and guess what?

We’re still here and…we’re back!