KO Warrior Now Providing Insurance to All Boxers

One topic that is not talked about enough and often intentionally overlooked in the boxing industry is insurance coverage for pro boxers. Most people are aware that boxing is a dangerous sport and these athletes put their lives on the line every time they step into the ring. A boxer is taught to know what techniques and equipment provide the most protection in the ring, but what happens when there is a medical emergency or even worse?

It is a sad reality that in many places around the world, professional boxers are not protected when it comes to insurance. Even when you see the most famous world champions, they are oftentimes without any health or insurance coverage. Boxing sanctioning authorities and governing bodies often do not enforce the necessity for insurance. It is strange because with most other types of occupations, even ones as unique as pro boxing, there are still some measures in place to ensure that the boxer will receive emergency medical treatment and in the event of death, an umbrella of protection to surviving family members.

Why Boxers Need Medical Insurance Throughout Their Careers

Nobody can truly predict what will happen in the ring. This is also true during times when you are not participating in boxing. Medical insurance is necessary for a boxer because it is a sport where injuries aren’t bound to happen, they will happen. Insurance coverage should be universal for all boxers, just like it is for other sports professions like the NBA, NHL, MLB, among many others. Why is it almost 2020 and boxing is still the only sanctioned sport that allows boxers to travel both domestically and internationally and participate in fights without any insurance coverage?

Increase All Boxers’ Financial Health

It’s a sad reality that most professional boxers still live below the poverty line and earn less than minimum wage. We have heard all of the stories about the great champs who rose above their poor conditions, but there are many other pro boxers who do not due to injuries and poor financial management. Adding insurance coverage, both medical and life, allows boxers to manage their finances more accordingly since medical expenses are no longer a medical financial burden for boxers as well as their families.

KO Warrior Offering Insurance to All Boxers

eHealth is a company that teaches everyone how to find affordable insurance at a price that is reasonable. With eHealth, you can find plans with companies like:

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By clicking the link below, provided by KO Warrior, all boxers can now get insurance in a matter of minutes. This link is for residents of the US only. For boxers abroad, there are options available as well which will be included in a later blog post. To get coverage now, make sure to click on the link below. 

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