WBFed Helped Provoke WBC Attack on KO Warrior Promotions

President Howard Goldberg of the World Boxing Federation (WBFed), takes no responsibility for his involvement in provoking the vicious, illegal, criminal attack on KO Warrior Promotions by WBC governor Baham Mitra, WBC Judge Robert Bridges, and WBC Promoter Jim Claude Manangquil, aka JC the Jackass, who all actively took part in criminal activity against KO Warrior whether it was scamming, fraud, theft, defamation, corruption in boxing, and more. 

How WBFed Provoked Criminal WBC Attacks

JC Manangquil of Sanman Promotions, aka JC the Jackass, is a super asshole cheater in boxing who looks like a supergay wannabe K-Pop star with an apparent obsession for super-strong-hold hair gel. This corrupt, cheating coward has no morals or scruples in boxing and thinks it is ok to use corrupt WBC boxing officials (particularly Abraham Khalil Mitra, aka Bakla Baham) in the Philippines Games and Amusements Board (GAB) to do dirty boxing and illegally set up fights in the Philippines where he is able to easily cheat and give his boxers wins under the corrupt GAB boxing structure.

Using the corrupt Baham Mitra Article 7/13 scams, he was able to build his boxers’ rankings up the journeyman level, then call Baham Mitra to steal one of Juan Luckey’s boxers using the Article 7/13 Baham Mitra/Omar Benitez Scam to give the scammer JC a WBC Asia title win. 

JC caught the attention of promoter Juan Luckey because Luckey served as the Philippines representative of WBFed after JC Manangquil was fired from the position for abuse of international title belts and even going as far as stealing WBFed President Goldberg’s 14-carat gold watch.

Of course, the coward cheater Manangquil will deny everything said here to the teeth because blanket denials and playing stupid is the modus operandi for all corrupt cheating members of Baham Mitra’s boxing scam fraternity. However, it does not matter how many lies JC the Jackass tells, he knows he is a thief just like Baham Mitra. 

After JC got fired from his position in WBFed for being a con-artist and thief, Goldberg appointed KO Warrior Promoter Juan Luckey to serve in the position. It was a setup by Goldberg although he does not and will not admit any part of it.

The Setup By WBFed

JC Manangquil is a slimy coward who cannot achieve success through normal means of business and boxing promotion. His whole success in Sanman Promotions is based on the corrupt, criminal cheater activities done in collaboration with the corrupt criminal Baham Mitra. Every time Baham cheated for JC, JC would give a little kickback to Bakla Baham in return. This is a corrupted boxing promoter/boxing official relationship that thrives in the Philippines because JC and Baham love dirty boxing. 

JC Managquil and Baham Mitra are people that get an adrenaline rush and feelings of satisfaction when they are able to steal, scam, and cheat others with impunity, and then when you call these cowards out in the open, they love to play dumb and stupid and deny all the allegations. 

When JC Manangquil found out that Promoter Juan Luckey had replaced him as WBFed rep, he immediately contacted Bakla Baham to do continued sabotage to KO Warrior. Baham, the loyal corrupt thief government official that he is, went out of his way while Luckey was abroad on boxing business in Europe to steal Luckey’s boxers using the Article 7/13 scam to award JC Managuil’s boxers and promotion with not 1 but 2 WBC Asia titles all the expense of Juan Luckey and KO Warrior Promotions. 

None of these criminal full-scale assaults on KO Warrior Promotions would have probably occurred if WBFed did not have this previous corrupted relationship with JC Manangquil who is a corrupt, criminal cheater. 

WBFed – A Serious Joke of a Boxing Sanctioning Organization 

After capitalizing on multiple WBFed title wins then shitting all over WBFed President Goldberg to include stealing a 14k gold watch from him and never paying WBFed for title belts, JC Manangquil partnered with Baham Mitra and the WBC to attack Juan Luckey from behind the scenes like the weasel coward he is. JC Manangquil is a total bitch just like Bakla Baham. None of these people would’ve had the idea to criminally attack KO Warrior Promotions if the WBFed had a backbone, which unfortunately, they do not. 

For four years Juan Luckey served diligently as a representative for WBFed only to get criminally shitted on by a former member of WBFed and then ZERO help, assistance, or support from WBFed after being attacked, sabotaged, and financially robbed by appointed officials of the WBC. WBFed is a true disappointment as a boxing organization. 

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