Baham Mitra – Fraudulent Criminal in Pro Boxing

Abraham Khalil Mitra – A career government criminal of the Philippines Games and Amusements Board (GAB) and World Boxing Council (WBC) who cowardly attacks and robs innocent people in boxing then denies all of the allegations

It is no secret that professional boxing is full of corrupted individuals who do not deserve to be in the sport. One of the worst ones in professional boxing is Abraham Khalil Mitra. The former governor of Palawan Province in the Philippines has served as chairman of the Philippines Games and Amusements Board (GAB) while simultaneously maintaining a corrupted, unethical position on the board of governors for the World Boxing Council. In other words, Baham Mitra is a dirty, corrupted kleptocrat in boxing.

Where is the Proof?

There is so much proof in both textual form, video, and photos exposing the dirty bakla Baham Mitra. One of the repetitive copouts that Baham Mitra and his GAB/WBC cronies always use is to respond to any allegations against them by stating to the innocent victim, “Where is your proof?” or “Prove it.” The reason that these Philippines GAB government officials can arrogantly, yet cowardly make these statements to victims that they have attacked in boxing is because they are confident in their reliance on the GAB legal division chief, Atty. Ermar U. Benitez, to cover up any criminal actions that occurred during Baham Mitra’s tenure. With the help of the corrupted Attorney Benitez, Baham Mitra and his loyal criminal minions are always confident that they have a rock-solid alibi.

Criminal Fraud

Baham Mitra is a criminal and a fraud. The WBC and GAB must be held accountable for what they have done to innocent, hardworking people in pro boxing since Baham Mitra entered boxing in 2016. Jose Suliaman, president of the WBC, is also a coward to continue supporting this criminal who has done nothing but wreak havoc on innocent people and tries to destroy them because of his own arrogance and ignorance. Nobody in boxing ever deserved to be exposed to the sick-minded criminal underworld where Baham Mitra lives and exists. He is a poison to boxing and the Philippines has suffered because of Baham Mitra.