KO Warrior Files Criminal Charges Against WBC Cheater Baham Mitra

In addition to over $2 million in collateral damage, destruction, fraud, and sabotage to KO Warrior Promotions directly caused by Abraham Khalil Mitra, aka Bakla Baham, this diabolical criminal presidential-appointee is also guilty of multiple crimes to include his involvement with two KO Warrior boxers who were coerced into Bakla Baham’s Article 7/13 scam to help JC Manangquil of Sanman Promotions steal WBC Silver titles in 2018 at the expense of KO Warrior causing serious, unrepairable damages. Baham still continues his insane lying and denies all allegations against him.

Although the evidence against Mitra is overwhelming and blatantly obvious, he continues to double down on his lies that he did not do anything and he is innocent. This is typical behavior from a corrupt cheating fraudster politician who has no options other than play stupid and continue lying.

Why does the WBC keep this criminal on their board of governors? This lets you know that not only is the WBC leadership poorly chooses people in boxing who are only interested in their own money-aggrandizing agenda that involves criminal activity and slimeball behavior in professional boxing. If the WBC was such an honorable organization with the highest of integrity, they would not have Baham Mitra still sitting on their Board of Governers because he is a pure fraud criminal and cheating liar.

This week, KO Warrior filed perjury charges against GAB chairman Baham Mitra and Zamboanga City GAB official Vic Cabalog who both went on official record and told countless lies and committed fraud to excuse themselves from cheating and stealing from KO Warrior. The actions of these government officials are inexcusable and they are a disservice to the Filipino people because all they know how to do is lie, cheat, steal using their government positions then attack their victims and deny all the allegations made against them.

Boxing is a staple sport in the Philippines and KO Warrior is a part of Philippines boxing history no matter how hard Bakla Baham, Vic “Victoria” Cabalog, and Omar “The Asshole” Benitez try to erase it. Hopefully, the WBC will see the error in their ways and compensate KO Warrior for all of the fraud, lies, destruction, theft, and sabotage caused by the criminal WBC Governor Baham Mitra.