KO Warrior Promotions Welcomes 2022

KO Warrior Promotions is looking for a more positive outcome in 2022. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has continued for almost two years, boxing continues despite the problems people in the boxing industry have faced. KO Warrior Promotions continues to be a pioneer in the sport with the integration of cryptocurrency as boxing’s universal currency, NFTs, and the return of KO Warrior Stable and Promotions in the upcoming months.

Debut of Isidore “The Magician” Kamwa

KO Warrior was still able to make the pro record books in 2021 with the pro debut in the lightweight division, Isidore “The Magician” Kamwa. This was a proud accomplishment for KO Warrior Promotions for two reasons:

  1. Kamwa is a crossover fighter from kickboxing. He brings his kickboxing experience and talent to the sport of boxing as many other fighters have done. KO Warrior encourages crossover fighters and multiple-sport fighters.
  2. Kamwa suffered a wrongful fight cancellation in Ghana in 2020 and we lost tremendously. He almost wanted to leave KO Warrior and give up boxing. Promoter Juan Luckey promised to make it up to Kamwa and finally got him his well-deserved debut fight on Dec 30, 2021.

Although the Kamwa vs. Ngala resulted in a loss for Kamwa, we are still proud that we were able to participate in pro boxing in 2021. We expect a better outcome in 2022.

KO Warrior Seeking More Debut Fighters

KO Warrior stands for loyalty, discipline, respect, and hard work. We do not seek boxers who are looking for someone to give them a quick payday. You have to really love boxing and be willing and have the patience to do what it takes to become a champion. This does not happen in three to six months but you can expect to be active and fighting soon if you are in the gym daily with a licensed pro trainer.

NFTS for Boxers

KO Warrior Promotions is the first and only of its kind to offer unique non-fungible tokens (NFTS) to all boxers that are signed to KO Warrior Promotions. What does this mean? This means you have the opportunity to control your own destiny and make millions just like Money Mayweather and many other great boxing champs. Is this a joke? No, not by any means. Search online how others like Jake Paul, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Tyson Fury, and many others have profited from NFTs before, during, and after fights. KO Warrior Promotions can do the same for you!

Co-Promoters/Partnerships Wanted

In 2021, KO Warrior Promotions created a unified partnership with Worldwide Titleshot Promotions in Philadelphia, PA as well as Benham Promotions located in Tehran. We are seeking promoters worldwide who have a track record of hosting successful boxing promotions and want to cooperate and join forces with KO Warrior Promotions to offer more exciting shows and create higher revenues and earnings.

KO Warrior needs and seeks both private and corporate sponsorship to bring our shows back to the excitement level we are known for. We have a record of coordinating with different entities from private boxing enthusiasts to Fortune 500 companies that understand the unique target market that KO Warrior boxing offers.

Prosecution of Abraham Khalil Mitra of the WBC/GAB

KO Warrior still seeks prosecution and is still offering a $25000 USD reward for the arrest and capture of Abraham Khalil Mitra aka Bakla Baham. Although countless complaints, affidavits, petitions for arrest and resignation, among other charges have been thrown at this blatantly corrupt criminal of the Philippines government, he is still denying all allegations like a pure coward. He denies all accusations of criminal conduct in the same manner as Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York. No matter how guilty these people are, they will continue on pretending as if they did nothing wrong.

Baham Mitra is a person who is rotten to the core. This person not only attacks innocent people but then denies doing it after he is caught. KO Warrior should have never had the misfortune of coming into the sphere of such a corrupted, demonic, toxic individual. Thanks to Philippines boxing, we will forever be scarred by the damage of this corrupted, sick-minded, caucasian-worshiping, criminal-minded scam artist bakla. This person is not even a human and he must go to prison for his crimes against Juan Luckey and KO Warrior Promotions to include:

  • Gross fraud
  • Theft
  • Criminal business sabotage
  • Gross misconduct
  • Malversion
  • Defamation of character
  • Abuse of authority
  • Among many other serious felony charges

The Philippines needs to take responsibility for its criminals; especially those who work in the government. Since 2016, the Philippines government has turned a blind eye to Baham Mitra and his criminal actions as GAB chairman. Beyond the crimes that Mitra has done to KO Warrior, he is also liable as WBC rep. Just like Mitra, the WBC are also cowards and take zero responsibility for the actions of Baham Mitra. Philippines boxing is a joke because the leader of boxing, Baham Mitra, is a straight-up con-artist criminal. KO Warrior deserves the prosecution of Bakla Baham Mitra.