WBC Cheaters Baham Mitra and Brico Santig Criminally Charged for Rigging Fights

Corrupted Criminal Con Artist Bakla Baham Mitra

KO Warrior has proven over and over again that WBC Vice President Baham Mitra is the biggest con artist, robber, thief, liar, and cheater in pro boxing today. Most recently, he continues to commit crimes within the World Boxing Council (WBC) through fight rigging with known cheater-criminal boxing promoter Brico Santig.

Super WBC Cheater Promoter Brico Santig (Highland Promotions)

Fight Rigging Defined

Rigging boxing matches, also known as fight rigging, is when a person commits an offense if, with intent to affect the outcome (including the score) of a publicly exhibited contest:

(1) he offers, confers, or agrees to confer any benefit on, or threatens harm to:

(A) a participant in the contest to induce him not to use his best efforts; or

(B) an official or other person associated with the contest; or

(2) he tampers with a person, animal, or thing in a manner contrary to the rules of the contest.

(b) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly solicits, accepts, or agrees to accept any benefit

Denise Castle vs. Norj Guro – A Classic Example of Fight Rigging

Since the president of the WBC hands out WBC championship belts like candy these days, Bakla Baham Mitra and Brico Santig decided to join in on the cheating action by rigging a WBC Silver Female Atom title fight which will essentially ensure that Denise Castle is the WBC silver atom champion at the expense of Norj Guro.

Female Pro Boxer Norj Guro

Norj Guro Not Qualified to Fight for a Title

Norj Guro is a pro female fighter who has been inactive for several years. In addition to that, her record is poor.

She pads her record at home in the Philippines with the corrupted Philippines Games and Amusements Board (GAB) official Vic Cabalog, who is a notorious criminal working in the Philippines government. The fights on record in the Philippines are mostly phony and some of the fights do not even take place especially in Mindanao where fights were conducted from the GAB Zamboanga City and CDO offices.

Vic Cabalog – Professional Con Artist Scammer in Pro Boxing

Vic Cabalog is a professional con artist in pro boxing who works under Bakla Baham Mitra in the Philippines Games and Amusements Board. This cheating scamming criminal works with impunity and immunity from the Duterte administration in the Philippines. Once he burns you and robs you, he will deny all allegations just like Bakla Baham Mitra.

Vic Cabalog – A Diabolical Scammer, Con Artist, Compulsive Liar, and Cheater

This is a cheater in pro boxing who specializes in rigging fights and making them look legit on record. CAbalog has been doing dirty boxing for many many years and has hurt and destroyed countless people, including his own people.

Mitra and Cabalog work the administrative side of the cheating scams they do in boxing. Brico Santig is the promotor who exercises the cheating for GAB. These criminals all work in sync to not only rig fights, but also sabotage KO Warrior Promotions and all types of felonious crimes in pro boxing then play stupid and deny all the allegations.

Fight Rigging is a Crime in the Philippines and Thailand

KO Warrior has proven over and over again that Baham Mitra is a puppet for white supremacists who dominate pro boxing. These Filipino puppets bow down to their masters to not only try to destroy KO Warrior Promotions but also do dirty cheating with their own citizens and their own boxers.

Baham Mitra committed a crime by issuing a visa for Norj Guro to fight in Thailand in a rigged fight. Guro will lose this fight to Castle just so Brico Santig can award a white female Brit a title at the expense of a Filipina female boxer.

Pro boxing has enough problems and lot of them are because of corrupted people in boxing. Both Brico Santig and Bakla Baham Mitra deserve to go to jail and be permanently banned from boxing for arranging these sorts of rigged matches. These cheating, corrupted individuals in boxing need to be punished and made as an example to others around the world that cheaters never win and fight rigging is a crime.