KO Warrior Files $2 Million Case Against WBC Governor Baham Mitra and GAB

After receiving confirmation from both the Philippines Presidential Complaint Center (PCC) and receipt by the Philippines Ombudsman Office, KO Warrior has successfully filed claims seeking compensatory damages in excess of $2 million USD for the fraud, corruption, personal attacks, blacklisting, robbery, scams, and all kinds of other criminal activities that Philippines Games and Amusement Board (GAB) chairman Abraham Khalil Mitra, aka Baham, committed against boxing promoter Juan Luckey and KO Warrior Promotions from 2016-2021.

Whether this guy is stealing fertilizer from farmers or personally attacking KO Warrior for the benefit of his friends who slide him cash envelopes, Baham Mitra is one of the most unscrupulous, corrupt politicians that you will ever want to meet.


Here is a short summary of our complaint:

To Whom It May Concern:

I request for the immediate dismissal of Abraham Khalil Mitra from the Philippines Games and Amusement Board (GAB) and all Philippines government service for his personal attack on me, my wife, and my company KO Warrior Promotions from 2016-2020. 

Baham should also be punished and brought up on criminal charges for gross violation of Republic Act No. 6713. In addition, we request to order Baham Mitra and the GAB to pay back an estimated $2 million USD in damages caused by Baham Mitra from 2016-2020 and reinstate my boxing manager and promoter license in the GAB.

Your immediate response to this urgent matter would be greatly appreciated. 
This is my complaint. 


Juan T. Luckey


Shaking a world champion with the left hand and smashing graffiti in his head is PURE AND TOTAL DISRESPECT of a boxer. This is your leader of Philippines boxing and the WBC.

Baham Mitra is a career criminal in politics and he chose the wrong guy attacking KO Warrior. We are a team of fighters that stand behind our warrior principles: Loyalty, Discipline, Respect, and Hard Work.

Baham Mitra has no loyalty to anyone and he cannot even look at himself in the mirror for more than 3 seconds without twitching because his evil deeds eat away at his conscience daily. Lack of discipline led him to become a corrupt criminal, liar, and basically an actor who fools people into thinking he is some kind of beaurocratic do-gooder when he is nothing but a self-righteous bakla social media addict who loves to cheat, lie, and steal, particularly from KO Warrior. Then after he gets done lying cheating and stealing, he will play stupid, tell everyone involved with him to play stupid, then deny all allegations.

Respect is out the window with Baham. He respects people of European descent and wealthy Filipinos because they are the ones who have been funneling money into his pockets through his corrupt activities. He does not even respect President DU30 because he thinks people are stupid and he thinks his corrupt actions can even fool a president. Baham Mitra is VOID of all respect.

Hard work is something Baham Mitra also knows nothing about. KO Warrior started in Tondo, Manila from the hard work of Juan Luckey and his desire to work with Filipino fighters. Baham Mitra believes hard work involves scamming innocent victims for money then denying that he scammed them.

Baham Mitra needs to go to jail for all the damage, laws, fraud, and violations that he committed on KO Warrior Promotions while serving as GAB chairman. What is baffling is why he is still a member of the WBC and why has this organization not taken action against the fraudster Mitra?

KO Warrior asks that the whole world, boxing community, everyone in the Philippines, and those who believe in fighting for justice and what is right to help contribute in some way to help us seek the $2 million USD that GAB/Baham Mitra owe KO Warrior for all the damage they did over the last four years.