Baham Mitra Continues Oppressive Leadership Behavior in Philippines Sports

Since catching COVID-19, Bakla Baham has been back to business recently by attacking small-budget basketball leagues who are just trying to make a peso, keep the lights on, and keep food on the table for their families during these tough economic times. This is especially true in the Philippines where the economy has seen a dramatic decline since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Behind closed doors, Baham Mitra is a weak, spineless coward who acts like a female. However, for the public, he thinks that he must demonstrate some kind of tough-guy stern disciplinarian strictly-by-the-book-kind-of-person image. This is not his motivation at all.

When you put yourself into the mind of a psychotic person like Baham Mitra, you must understand that he takes personal pleasure and gets some sort of homosexual gratification from attacking other grown, adult men who work as professionals in sports. His targets are usually people that he does not like personally like Juan Luckey, not attracted to sexually, or does not provide any personal financial gain for Baham Mitra or any of his corrupt constituents.

Professional Licenses Are a Privilege and Not a Right

Baham Mitra has used this specific, particular phrase and rule to deny Juan Luckey his rights in the Philippines since 2016. He continues to do so in 2021 like a tyrannic coward who must hide behind his government-appointed position and attack others who he feels does not deserve their “privileges” in sports.

It is against Philippines law to use licensing privileges as a leverage tool to sabotage, threaten, punish, oppress, and hurt others in sports. Baham Mitra has demonstrated his criminal behavior repeatedly by either blacklisting people by denying licensing in the GAB or he will threaten to take away their license.

This is mafia-style behavior being demonstrated by Bakla Baham Mitra. You do not take someone’s pro license away just because you do not like them. You do not use licensing as a tool to threaten others into submission. This is a clear abuse of government authority and it against the law. When will someone in the Philippines start enforcing the law against this corrupt criminal Baham Mitra?

Baham Mitra does not understand that professionals who work in sports do so because it is something they love to do, they are good at it, and it also provides an income in the Philippines which is not easy to do; before and after COVID-19.

Baham Mitra thinks it is ok to cut off people’s income from sports like flipping a light switch ON/OFF whenever he feels like it. While on the surface and in the media he will pretend that he has some sort of Filipino compassion, he is truly a psychotic criminal who attacks people for financial gains either for himself or his friends.

He calls this pycho animalistic-corrupted-criminal-behavior as himself honoring “special privileges” to work in sports granted by himself as Chairman of the Philippines Games and Amusements Board.

Through the abuse of his power as GAB chairman, Baham Mitra acts, thinks, and behaves as if he is some kind of diety, God, king, or ruler over people. Worst of all, Baham basks in the abuse of this power as demonstrated over and over again when he threatens people in sports as he did with Juan Luckey and the blacklisting of KO Warrior Promotions, the bakla-motivated attack on Calvin Abueva, the threatening of blacklisting sabong players in provincial areas which pumped money into his family’s Palawan sabong business, among many other dirty, corrupt tactics by Baham Mitra.

Baham Mitra behaves in the disgusting manner he does because he never had to work for anything. As a corrupt, dynasty politician, everything was handed down to Baham by his father so Baham does not know what it feels like to have your income snatched away from you at the snap of a finger.

However, this is what Baham Mitra did to Juan Luckey and KO Warrior out of pure spite, hatred, and psychotic criminal behavior. He has also done this to his own people on many different occasions. It is beyond comprehension why the Duterte Administration appointed this backward-minded, bakla criminal as GAB chairman and allowed him to behave in such a destructive, manner and criminally attacks innocent professionals in sports with impunity for more than 5 years. It is totally insane.

There is always a look of sinister behavior, plotting on his own people, scamming Juan Luckey, and being a total bitch in professional sports.

Baham Mitra – A Corrupt Bakla Sociopath

A sociopath is someone who behaves without conscience. Baham Mitra fits the definition of an insane sociopath. This person does insurmountable damage to people’s lives and he does this behavior on the daily without any conscience or remorse.

If the Philippines government does not penalize him for his criminal conduct, the universe surely will because you cannot attack, rob, destroy, tell lies on, and hurt innocent people and think that there is no penalty and you can just simply get away with it. Anyone who has studied any sort of history, religion, philosophy, or common sense knows that these words stand true.