Baham Mitra Continues to Threaten Pros Thru Abuse of Power

It is obvious that nobody in the Philippines Duterte Administration is doing anything to stop the evil, corrupt, coward Abraham Khalil Mitra, aka Bakla Baham, and his toxic actions, behavior, and decisions as chairman of the Philippines Games and Amusements Board (GAB).

On top of being responsible for introducing gay boxing to professional boxing in the Philippines, this person is credited with some of the most criminal, diabolical actions as a government official and then has the nerve to deny all allegations against him.

Bakla Baham uses the media to brainwash people into thinking he is some kind of decent person. He also abuses the media to promote himself, his family’s businesses in Palawan, and to create some kind of fake legacy when he everyone who really knows this corrupt criminal already know that Bakla Baham Mitra is a straight up piece of shit.

Threatens Calvin Abueva, Catches COVID-19, Then Goes Back to Threatening

Baham Mitra loves to create a facade that he is some sort of tough guy and strict disciplinarian. Anyone who takes a three-second look at this dude will automatically know that this bakla is full of shit and talks with the wierdest taglish accent that makes you suspect that he is either:

  • On some type of drugs or drunk
  • Has homosexual tendencies
  • Has some sort of mental problem

Baham Mitra would qualify under all three criteria.

Back in February of 2021 before catching and spreading COVID-19 to everyone in the Philippines, Baham Mitra left boxing alone since he already robbed KO Warrior Promotions for over $2 million in collateral damages just to help Brico, Monis, Elorde, Sanman, Quibors, and others in the Philippines make money and get title wins to come to USA. He decided to divert his attention to basketball, a sport he cannot even play very well. If Baham Mitra and Juan Luckey were to play a 1-on-1 game, 21, HORSE, or any other game of basketball, Baham Mitra will lose…BADLY.

Baham loves to threaten people by removing their licenses. He did it to Calvin Abueva back in February of 2021. Baham is extremely ignorant and does not understand that a sports official should not be in the business of going around threatening others in sports. Just like Baham ruined the income of KO Warrior from boxing, he will do the same in basketball, sabong, and whatever sport or sportsperson he chooses for his criminal scams.

Jealous Bakla Because Abueva Loves Vice Ganda, Not Bakla Baham

It is a shame that a sports official puts his gay lifestyle above everything else. The reason Bakla Baham Mitra attacked Calvin Abueva, who looks black, is because he is racist and he hated that Abueva was with Vice Ganda, not him. Although Bakla Baham does not want to admit it, he thinks he is some sort of celebrity and a hot commodity in the baklaworld of the Philippines.

Targeted Abueva Because He Wants to Get Banged By Pro Ballers Just Like Vice Ganda
Bakla Baham Theatens Abueva Because He is Celosa…
Bakla Baham Criminal Corruption At Its Finest

Why Bakla Baham Mitra Attacked Calvin Abueva

Bakla Baham attacked Abueva because Baham wanted a piece of Abueva (like gay hotel style) but could not have him. As a result, Baham threatened to revoke Abueva’s GAB license and take away his privileges to earn an income. Once again, this is a clear abuse of power and just pure homosexual perversion by Bakla Baham, a corrupt criminal who should be in prison, not working in sports.

Baham is also racist. Juan Luckey submitted a complaint to the Philippines Ombudsman’s Office about Baham Mitra’s racism in sports. Since 2016, if you pay close attention, Baham Mitra shows favoritism and gives special privileges to wealthy asians and caucasians only in the Philippines. This has been proven over and over and over again.

Since he successfully blacklisted KO Warrior in the Philippines, Bakla Baham thinks he is invincible and can do this type of negative, toxic behavior to everyone. Baham Mitra has no right to punish or discipline anyone because he is a corrupt criminal who deserves jailtime for what he did to Juan Luckey and KO Warrior.

Baham Mitra Lustfully Staring at Calvin Abueva

Back to Attacking More Innocent People

Just recently, Baham Mitra put out this statement:

“We would like to remind our players that a license to practice profession is not a right, but a concession and a privilege granted by the government,” said Mitra.

Baham Mitra thinks it is ok to attack someone who works as a professional in sports, spending countless hours, days, weeks, months, and years of practice and training just to meet a super corrupt asshole like Baham Mitra who can target you and destroy you with the snap of a finger?

Baham Mitra lives in a false reality because he has never had to work for anything. He has never had to earn a license, things have always been given to him by his dynasty family. Baham also has no problem viewing the rest of society as his minions as if he is some sort of gay feudal lord over sports. Baham Mitra thinks he owns sports and has the right to decide who can and cannot participate.

This individual is truly insane, criminally psychotic, and deserves to go to prison for the evil, corrupt decisions he has made in sports as GAB chairman because he has done a lot of damage and hurt many people. At times, it seems as if Bakla Baham does not even have the mental capacity to understand how damaging a person he is to sports and sports professionals. Someone needs to stop this corrupt bakla and remove him from leadership asap. Someone needs to take away Baham’s privileges (and his rights) and put his ass in prison.