WBC Vice-President Baham Mitra, Corruption, and Competition Manipulation

KO Warrior has already demonstrated the illegal levels of corruption that WBC vice-president Abraham Khalil Mitra will go to. This corrupt criminal not only fattened his own pockets through his criminal activities as GAB chairman but also helped several other boxing stakeholders thrive as a result of his criminal behavior while pretending to be an honorable public servant.

Baham Mitra, in collaboration with corrupt GAB officials Vic Cabalog, atty. Ermar U. Benitez, among others, conducted several profitable illicit and illegal activities while pretending to conduct official GAB business.

These GAB crooks will tell you lies, take your money, then when you call them out on their cheating and bullshit, they will play stupid and deny anything happened. This has been the MODIS OPERANDI in the Philippines Games and Amusement Board and Baham Mitra is the #1 perpetrator.

The main reasons that allow Baham Mitra to behave the way he does in the Philippines are because he has somehow been permitted to:

– Control and change the GAB rulebook at any time

– Acts like boxing belongs to him and he is allowed to threaten people, revoke their licenses, and do all sorts of other illegal manipulation and tactics. Boxing belongs to no one and Baham Mitra does not have a right to deny people privileges for anything because he is a criminal who robs people.

– Make corrupt/criminal decisions as GAB chairman totally unsupervised by the GAB commissioners Trinidad and Mansiguid, and the Office of the President, from 2016-2021 with impunity and immunity from the law

– Tries to force boxing in the Philippines to be an exclusively Tagalog-only, Filipino-only sport with little inclusion of foreigners who legally work in the industry and have equal rights in the Philippines. Baham Mitra denies these basic rights to Juan Luckey or anyone deemed a foreigner unless you are of European or wealthy Asian descent or you are paying Baham a lot of money.

– There is limited or non-existent domestic legislation on how Philippines GAB personnel should operate and conduct a government for-profit agency without behaving like corrupt criminals and cheating innocent people

– There is inadequate coordination and cooperation between relevant stakeholders such as sports governing bodies, law enforcement, and private sectors. Baham Mitra’s stakeholder meetings are stupid pizza parties and pointless coffee/tea chats

– The complexity of illicit and illegal activities linked to sports, as well as the lack of resources devoted to address these issues represent significant obstacles and the potential for high profits for criminals like Baham Mitra

Competition Manipulation is Why Filipino Boxers Lose Fights Abroad

As long as people like Baham Mitra continues to cheat and promote competition manipulation, just as he did when he allowed all of his promoter buddies to criminally cheat and steal boxers from KO Warrior using the Article 7/13 scam to give extremely profitable wins to famous promoters in the Philippines like Elorde, Sanman, Quibors, Brico Highland, Monis Hardstone, and more!!!

While helping promoters get richer, Baham Mitra’s fight manipulation gives undeserving boxers losses, others undeserving wins, and creates a toxic environment is cheating and corruption. This is not real boxing. As a result, there is no real demonstration of pro boxing talent. As a further result, the so-called champions who earn local straps typically move on to fight in another foreign country to earn a higher paying purse and take an L.

Baham Mitra is a super criminal scumbag and a major cheater who should never have entered boxing. He has done a lot of damage to the sport and he must be removed to eliminate corruption and competition manipulation in Philippines boxing.