How Baham Mitra Ruins and Undermines Philippines Pro Boxing

This jackass doesn’t know how to dribble a basketball and he doesn’t know shit about boxing too!

If you have been following KO Warrior News, you know we have dedicated some time to let the world know about the corrupt, career-criminal, WBC-vice president and Philippines GAB chairman Abraham “Baham” Mitra. This individual has spent his entire adult life doing corruption in politics while pretending he is some hardworking innocent person.

Since 2016, the Philippines boxing community (and the boxers) trusted Baham Mitra to improve things in pro boxing in the Philippines. Everyone needed a break after all the cheating and corruption that occurred with Dr. Cruz and former GAB chairman Guanzon during President Aquino’s administration.

Baham Mitra has proven that he is a carbon copy of his best friend, predecessor, and mentor former GAB chairman Juan Guanzon. Guanzon spent his entire time cheating, scamming, doing human trafficking, undermining Juan Luckey and KO Warrior, among many other criminal acts that he never got charged with while serving as GAB chairman under former Philippines President Aquino.

Baham learned how to do the same corrupt actions as Guanzon did, but when he took office as chairman, he decided to do his criminal corrupt behavior in a more slick, corrupt, duplicitous manner. 

Baham likes to use GAB employees and scams that involve tricking people using criminal scams conjured up by Baham and the GAB Legal Division Attorney Ermar U. Benitez within the GAB Makati and satellite offices.

These criminal scammers in the GAB are led by Baham Mitra and they pose as honest public servants to trick Filipino people as well. Baham will also abuse the sports media to publish lies about himself, promote fake gossip (tsismis) against his enemies and targets as he did to Juan Luckey, and use corruptable GAB personnel working under him to execute many of his crimes.

GAB employees have no problem conducting illegal and criminal actions for Baham against his targets within the GAB Boxing Division, legal division, accounting, among other divisions in the GAB from 2016-2021. In order to preserve their own jobs in the GAB, all GAB employees comply with Baham Mitra to cheat, rob, and steal from Juan Luckey.

Baham Mitra having secret private meetings with Brico Santig and others to rob and cheat Juan Luckey and KO Warrior

Baham Mitra uses his GAB position to cheat, do corruption, and destroy people in boxing. He has no problem robbing hardworking, innocent people pro boxing like Juan Luckey, among many other targets, stealing their hard-earned money and taking from peoples’ families.

All Baham does as GAB chairman is cheating for Elorde, Brico Highland, Sanman, Monis Hardstone, and Quibors Promotions. He will then deny all of the criminal allegations against him like a psychotic fraud coward after cheating people.

Baham Mitra is a highly toxic, destructive person who plays on the ignorance of others who blindly follow him and trust him. These people do not understand that they are putting their trust in an evil, awful, toxic, criminal individual. Filipinos really must stop blindly following criminal dynasty politicians like Baham Mitra if there is to ever be an positive and real progress in boxing.

There are not enough English words to describe Baham Mitra and his psychotic behavior towards attacking others using his government position. Because of his psychosis, he believes that since Juan Luckey is a foreign-citizen resident of the Philippines, he does not have the same rights as a Filipino-born citizen.

Baham Mitra spends his entire time as GAB chairman trying to undermine and deny all work done in pro boxing by Juan Luckey previous to 2016. He also went way overboard and had the Boxrec representative remove Juan Luckey’s name off of Boxrec.

Abraham Khalil Mitra – A Duplicitous Gay Scoundrel

When Juan Luckey filed a complaint on Baham Mitra with the Philippines Ombudsman office in 2020, he responded with this vicious statement on official record:

“(Brico, Monis, Elorde, Sanman, Quibors, and all others Baham cheated for to comprise the GAB Organized Crime Group) are well-respected in their fields of endeavors because they were able to work their way up through their own sacrifices, hard work and patience, and not by means of hypercritical attitude, or underhandedness against one another, much less to their boxers, from whom they have made positive efforts to produce
champions over the years.

There is so much to be said about these lines of writing by Baham. It demonstrates the cowardous, duplicitous nature of Baham Mitra and the clear hatred and contempt that this person has for Juan Luckey. The real question is why?

He starts off by claiming that he did his criminal attack and cheated and robbed KO Warrior because only Filipino promoters, not foreign boxing promoters like Juan Luckey, are deserving of any respect.

Baham then goes on to state that these people worked their way up through boxing through sacrifice, hard work, and patience. What kind of hard work and sacrifice did Elorde Promotions make when they inherited their company from their dad then collaborated with Baham to cheat KO Warrior for boxers, wins, and money?

What kind of patience did Sanman Promotions need to steal not one, but three KO Warrior contracted boxers under the GAB? There was no patience needed to fight, lose, and help get international rankings for Sanman Promotions in addition to relocating that management company to the USA for greater earnings at the expense of KO Warrior, boxers Mike Plania, Romero Duno, among many others got wins and money from Baham’s criminal cheating and robbery at the expense of KO Warrior. Baham Mitra is an extremely cowardly, duplicitous, evil person to make such a statement.

These promoters have been able to produce champions because Baham Mitra stole from Juan Luckey to give these promoters guaranteed arranged wins using his Article 7/13 illegal scam with the cheating criminal, corrupt attorney Ermar U. Benitez; who has also been charged with felonious and fraudulent crimes against Juan Luckey.

Not just wins, but title championship wins. Baham is then bold enough to go on official record and not only tell vicious lies and commit criminal perjury, but try to undermine, insult, and erase all work that Juan Luckey and KO Warrior have accomplished in pro boxing. Baham Mitra is truly one sick-minded, deceitful individual.

Wrongly Formulated Opinion of Juan Luckey

Because Baham Mitra never actually took the time to sit and speak one-on-one with Juan Luckey, he made many false assumptions. He goes on further to make false accusations. He claims that Juan Luckey is undeserving in pro boxing and deserved to be criminally attacked because he believes Juan Luckey worked his way through boxing by having a hypercritical attitude of others, underhandedness of others, and underhandedness of boxers. NONE OF THESE EXCUSES WARRANT THE COUNTLESS CRIMINAL ATTACKS ON KO WARRIOR BY BAHAM MITRA.

Not only are these accusation perjurous, but Baham Mitra has ZERO proof of Juan Luckey underhanding anyone. Being hypercritical of someone does not deserve Baham Mitra robbing them, sabotaging their company, and doing five years of consistent damage to include over $2 million in collateral damages while Baham Mitra denies all the allegations and plays innocent.

In the Philippines, starting in Tondo, Manila in 2014, Juan Luckey re-started KO Warrior Stable through sacrifice, hard work, and patience because our boxing company rose up out of poverty in one of the poorest places in the world to become one of the top promotion companies in the Philippines until Baham Mitra did everything in his power as GAB chairman to criminally steal, cheat, rob, invalidate, and destroy Juan Luckey’s work in pro boxing and sabotage KO Warrior in the Philippines.

When it comes to Juan Luckey and KO Warrior, Baham Mitra never had any interest to move Philippines pro boxing in a forward, unified direction, Baham thinks he owns boxing, the privilege to work in Philippines boxing is only exclusive to himself, Filipinos, foreign Asians who give him money, and caucasian promoters like Sean Gibbons or Ringstar Promotions.

Not only does Baham show that he gives preferential treatment to wealthy Asians and white people. but in his normal psychotic fashion, he will deny being racist or prejudicial towards Juan Luckey. However, it is clearly evident that Baham Mitra has no problem shitting on his own people and foreigners who he chooses as targets for crime and illegal money gains. Baham chooses to behave like a spineless coward since 2016 and do countless, blind-siding style attacks on Juan Luckey for over five years from his government office. For these actions alone, he should do prison time.

This is the epitome of sports corruption where a government official who earns a taxpayer’s salary sits in his office for weeks, months, and years plotting against another hardworking, grown man in boxing like Juan Luckey for the purpose of personal financial gain for himself and his friends in the GAB Organized Crime Group.

Baham Mitra went a step further and tried everything in his power as GAB chairman to financially destroy Juan Luckey and KO Warrior in the Philippines. In July of 2020, Mitra illegally blacklisted and banned Juan Luckey from Philippines boxing by denying the renewal of his GAB boxing promoter license. This is just another of the countless criminal acts Baham Mitra did against Juan Luckey as GAB chairman. Baham Mitra is so toxic, sinister, evil-minded, and sick-minded that he blacklisted an innocent boxing promoter during the COVID-19 pandemic when all boxing was shut down.

Baham Mitra and Vic Cabalog are the most corrupted criminal employees of the Philippines GAB

Minute Accomplishments for Self-Aggrandizement

People in the Philippines really need to wake up and realize that dynasty politician liars and con artists like Baham Mitra are nothing but criminals who like to smile in photos, tell lies, and then steal, rob, and cheat people for personal financial gains. Behind closed doors, dynasty politicians who no ethics or morals like Baham Mitra are some of the most corrupt people in the Philippines. He is a person who has trouble discerning what is legal and what isn’t.

As far as Baham is concerned, he did nothing wrong because he helped his countrymen promoters and did criminal activities against a so-called “bad foreigner”. This is how he justifies his behavior. The problem is that the only bad person is Baham Mitra and he criminally attacked an innocent person. When it comes to wealthy Asian promoters or anyone who is Caucasian, Baham Mitra bend over backwards to help their boxing company earn a profit. He is clearly a criminal fraud scoundrel and there is nothing that he can do or say to deny it.

Baham Mitra has done damage and ruin to the future generation of boxers in the Philippines

A Setback to Philippines Boxing

While trying to destroy KO Warrior, Baham Mitra went on a character assassination against Juan Luckey. He has been constantly heard saying, “Juan Luckey is dangerous to Philippines boxing.” He then told others to repeat that phrase so that Juan Luckey would be totally illegally blacklisted in the Philippines by Baham Mitra.

Baham Mitra has not only attacked KO Warrior, but he has hurt many, many people in boxing. This is truly a setback in the Philippines because if you were to make an analogy and compare boxing to a plant, Baham would represent a toxic poison that inhibits the plant from growing.

Baham inhibits the growth of boxing in the Philippines because he thrives in a corrupt, unfair environment where he gets to decide who can participate in boxing and if someone needs to be cheated, let’s choose an innocent, hardworking foreigner who Baham believes has zero rights in the Philippines.

Not only does Baham Mitra need to serve prison time for the corruption he has done, but he should also forfeit all of his money and assets to KO Warrior for everything he has damaged and stolen. He has set back Philippines boxing and it will be able to grow again when Baham Mitra is removed from boxing.