Philippines GAB is a Fraud Boxing Commission

For many years, KO Warrior Promotions has operated and thrived in some of the worst business environments imaginable and we still don’t stop! When it comes to encountering some of the worst business scenarios and situations in professional boxing, no boxing commission is more chaotic, corrupt, criminal-minded, and cheater-motivated behavior in sports than the Philippines Games and Amusements Board (GAB).

KO Warrior has published a list of active employee names who have been identified as corrupt government officials and cheaters in professional boxing to include:

  • WBC Vice president Abraham Khalil Mitra
  • GAB Legal Division Attorney Ermar U. Benitez
  • GAB Boxing Division Chief Jackie Lou Cacho
  • A. Austria Sazon
  • Vic Cabalog
  • Buloy (Cagayan de Oro GAB)
  • Many others

The criminal-minded employees who work in the GAB are lowdown, dirty rotten scoundrels and will stoop to any level to hide their pathological, corrupt behavior.

Not Honest People

The employees of the GAB suffer from a severe inferiority complex where they feel they must use their power as a government official to cheat foreigners out of money and cheat in professional boxing on a constant and consistent basis.

GAB cheats people in pro boxing in several ways because the appointed government officials in GAB will do all types of corrupt activities and then deny any allegations against them. They know they can deny allegations because there is no oversight of this government agency from the Philippines Office of the President.

Since I worked in pro boxing in the Philippines, I have experienced the tenure of two super-corrupted GAB chairmen: Juan Guanzon and Abraham Khalil Mitra. These are some of the most tyrannic, ignorant, corrupt politicians you could ever come across and they spent their entire 10 years as chairman doing the most corrupt behavior imaginable and totally hating on KO Warrior.

For unwarranted reasons, these two GAB chairman hated Juan Luckey and KO Warrior so much that they would encourage everyone in their organization and the entire Philippines to just totally shit on us for no reason.

Sometimes, they would use anti-foreigner rhetoric or spread rumors with other boxing promoters and coaches that Juan Luckey and KO Warrior is a fraud company or not a real boxing team.

Ultimately, the GAB leadership has always been tyrannical, antiforeigner, criminal-minded, and deniers of all allegations with criminal impunity from Malacanang Palace. For white foreigners, they cannot relate to any of these statements because the GAB employees are racist who only patronize white supremacist organizations in boxing. GAB is an injustice to professional boxing.

Fraud and Misconduct

There are so many instances of fraud and misconduct in this government agency. Yet, everyone turns a blind eye to the corrupt activities by GAB employees, the cheating by the GAB chairman, the cheating done by the legal division through GAB rulebook scams like the Benitez Article 7/13 scam which allowed corrupt GAB officials to create and finance an entire b-side army of Filipino loser-fighters at the expense of people like Juan Luckey among many others who were cheated out of all of their hard-earned time, work, and money by these dirty GÀB officials.

A Legion of Loser-Fighters

The Philippines no longer produces any great pro boxing talent and this has been a direct result of the LGBTQ leadership of the dirty ex-chairman Abraham Khalil Mitra. Now, most Filipino fighters have resorted back to the old days and taking losses for mostly fighters in Japan and Thailand. There were more title fights lost by Filipinos in 2022 then I can remember anytime in history. Thanks to GAB corruption, the Philippines now produces loser-fighters

Stop the Fraud GAB

The Philippines Games and Amusement Board is a fraud boxing commission. Many of the fights they have on record are not real. They cheat all the time for the same promoters mainly Elorde, Highland, Monis Hardstone, J.C. Manangquil Sanman Promotions, among others. A boxing commission is not supposed to cheat for promoters and friends. When will the Philippines Office of the President exercise any oversight of control over the corrupted employees in the Philippines Games and Amusements Board?